Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I always have to hold my Samba at a 90 degree angle for it to work?
Not necessarily. Many Samba users find that beginning at a 75 degree angle and working up to the 90 degree angle works well for them. We recommend this technique for beginners, increasing the angle as you perfect your technique.

2. Why does it smell so strongly?
At first, treatment may produce a burning smell and you may also see smoke. This means that the Samba is working, crystallizing the hair as it makes contact. Over time, this will decrease as the amount of hair decreases.

3. How long should it take to use my Samba?
For beginners, legs may take 30-45 minutes and less time as your master the technique.
Remember, practice makes perfect!

4. Why is stubble still present after use?
The ideal length of hair to treat is 1-3mm(1 mm is about the same as the thickness of a penny). You may need to trim or let hair grow before using. ALWAYS buff the treated area after use and moisturize! These steps are essential to successful results.

5. What is the thermogenic technology that the Samba Hair Remover uses?
It is a micro heat wave sent down the hair, all the way to the root. This weakens the hair follicle, slowing down the growth.

6. If the temperature feels too hot, what should I do?
If the Samba feels too hot, we recommend slowing down and only rolling in one direction.


1. For beginners, roll your samba in one direction. As you adjust to the heat, you may try rolling back and forth if desired. Always use caution when advancing to back and forth movement. Keep your speed moderate and steady, stopping if you experience sensitivity or discomfort due to heat.

2. When you begin to use your Samba, we recommend you start rolling at at 70 degree angle and gradually work up to the recommended 90 angle.

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